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Brides’ and Bridesmaids’ Wedding Shoes Malaysia

Wedding needs many preparations. All details should be perfect for this lifetime moment, especially for brides and grooms. They will be the center of attention as well as the king and queen of the day. Thus, they should prepare the best stuff: wedding apparels, jewels, or even shoes. Shoes will enhance the wedding couple’s performance and confidence. Here are the two famous brands of wedding shoes Malaysia: Kate Mosella and Christy Ng.

Kate Mosella and Christy Ng: Malaysia Best Brands of Wedding Shoes

You can have a pair of special wedding shoes Malaysia which are definitely made for you in Kate Mosella. This Malaysia wedding shoes brand provides high quality shoes with wide range of size: 32 to 32. The heel height is also varied from flat to 12 cm (or 4.5 inches). You can have special request and design for your bridal shoes Malaysia. The design is made by you yourself. You can choose the heel height, colors, materials, and ornaments. The European size of women’s shoes is also available. If you are not satisfied with the shoes, you are guaranteed to return the shoes within 30 days.

Christy Ng is a famous brand of wedding shoes Malaysia. This brand provides various designs and colors of bridal shoes Malaysia. Not only for the brides, but Christy Ng also provides various shoes for the bridesmaid. All you need for wedding will be accomplished here. You can choose either flat shoes or high heels with many beautiful designs. The quality and material are the best. So, you will be totally satisfied if you buy your Malaysia wedding shoes in Christy Ng.

Consider These Essential Matters

After you decide the wedding shoes Malaysia for your biggest day, it is important to make sure some essential matters. First of all the essential matter is ensuring that you are comfortable wearing your bridal shoes Malaysia. As you will wear the shoes for the entire day, your shoes have to be totally comfortable and reliable. You should also consider the basic material, colors, and models of your shoes. Match them with the wedding dress you wear. Don’t get tricked by the cheap price. Quality and comfort are must. So, you can perform yourself perfectly in the whole day.

High heels will make women more elegant and beautiful. However, do high heels totally make you comfortable? You can prepare yourself by doing wearing heels exercise for days or week before the day. If you don’t have enough time to practice, then don’t gamble yourself. Choose the versatile flats instead of the fabulous heels. You can find some alternative wedding shoes Malaysia such as satin ballet slippers. If you still prefer heels, lower kitten heels or platform heels are good option too.

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wedding shoes Malaysia